Distance Learning through SSG Telepractice

SSG has been a pioneer in the telepractice and telehealth field for over a decade. Our distance learning program for related services supports a great connection between the student and the therapist. Our team of experts are constantly updating our programs with the latest research and technology.

SSG has already trained thousands of therapists and parents in telepractice. Additional trainings are being scheduled every day to help support our communities across the country to continue to provide meaningful services for our students.


Our Services

SSG Telepractice professionals are specially trained, supervised, and certified to deliver evidence-based best practices through technology. What should you expect? The same high-quality services that your students would receive on-site!

SSG is proud to deliver multiple services via Telepractice:

Therapy, delivered safely, securely, AND easily.  

Thanks to SSG Telepractice, students can access secure, HIPAA and FERPA compliant, evidence-based best practices from Certified Telepractitioners.


Ensures client confidentiality

HIPAA & FERPA Compliant

Adheres to federal security & privacy requirements

Evidence Based

Proven as effective as on-site therapy

The world's best therapists, at your fingertips

SSG provides on-site and virtual support to your schools and therapists, ensuring seamless collaboration, ongoing support, and supervision.

Nationally Recognized

SSG Telepractice is approved by the following Nationally Recognized Associations: